Leaving my comfort zone…

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I’ve been trying to make sense out of life and for now all I can say is ‘being a student is bliss’!  So, part of making sense is actually trying to earn a living, make some major life changing decisions and trying not to go crazy in between 😩. …

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The Most Beautiful Human I Ever Met.

Just because there’s no such thing as “the one”

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The most beautiful human I met didn’t look nice.
She wasn’t very attractive. She didn’t have white teeth nor an Ad smile.

The most beautiful human I met didn’t have physique in quantities.
She was imperfect, had mood swings and a unique set of qualities.

The most beautiful human I spoke to didn’t have a cute giggle.
I couldn’t help but smile whenever she giggled.

The most beautiful human I ever met never told me she loved me.
We spoke more during our silences. It irked me how time made it its mission to flee.

The most beautiful woman I met didn’t have a cute moniker for me.
Neither did I. She called my name in the same way all and sundry did.
Only, my heart felt at peace with the same sound.

The most beautiful woman I ever met didn’t speak French.
We hardly spoke in pidgin and we…

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