My name is Christie and I am a Cameroonian, born in Belgium. I moved back to Cameroon when I was 3, moved shortly after to Lagos, Nigeria where I had my primary education. I enjoyed my time in Nigeria, I made a few memorable and lasting friendships…and of course picked up the famous ‘naija’ accent.

I moved back to Cameroon when I was ten and attended the prestigious Saker Baptist College in Limbe, an all girls boarding school where I met some of the most amazing people in my life.

Presently I’m a medical doctor but I do so much more than treat patients!

I love reading, traveling and of course spending time on social media, this blog is a way of sharing with the world all my life experiences and those of a few dear people that may impact your lives in one way or the other.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back some other time, I welcome all comments, suggestions and questions with an open heart.

God is LOVE.12140869_10153703562247718_6963329706585589090_o