Leaving my comfort zone…

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I’ve been trying to make sense out of life and for now all I can say is ‘being a student is bliss’!  So, part of making sense is actually trying to earn a living, make some major life changing decisions and trying not to go crazy in between 😩. Emphasis on ‘student life is bliss’!!!! 

Few weeks before graduation, I got my first job after over 50 job applications and ‘God’s time is the best’ messages (yay!! Babes got a job in Douala! How nice!) and though it was a part time job I was so excited, I had a source of income and it was close to home. First few weeks were great and all rosy but fast forward to a few months later; no pocket allowance, contributions for things that made no sense to me at times, all uncles and aunties expecting free consultation drugs even when we met in weird places like the local market (FYI Doctor in Africa = Mobile Health Centre/Pharmacy 🤦🏾‍♀️) and so on I realized….it’s time to make a move. I love traveling so this wasn’t too hard but the reaction I got when I broke the news to my family and friends was epic! 

Me: ‘I got a job in the Far North, I leave next month’

Everyone: ‘Far North?!’ ‘Boko Haram?!’ ‘That place is for men, you’re too fragile’ ‘You no wan marrate? Or you don get Massa for dey?’ etc

Me – brief stop at Waza village in the Far North on my way to Makary.

It took a while to make this decision but I think it’s totally worth it. 

1. It’s a risk, but you never gain anything substantial if you are not ready to risk something. 

2. It’s an opportunity for a young and early career professional like me. There’s so much out here to be explored. 

3. I’m learning what it takes to be independent; it’s very rewarding to know that you can stand on your own without having someone to watch you all the time.

4. I’m learning a new culture and I’m exposed to people with different opinions and behavior. I’m learning to be open-minded.

5. I’m in the process of finding my home. For over twenty years, home was with my parents but it’s time for me to move out of their nest to find my home. 

6. Finally I consider this as a time of retreat for me, I’m in the process of getting to know myself better – discovering who I am, what I really want and God’s purpose for my life. 

I’ve been here for a few days so I can’t say much but my next blogpost will definitely be about my amazing journey and yes I took my Camera along with me so I’ll be sharing some pictures from my amateur collection. 

What are your thoughts and comments about moving away from home or making life changes? Share in the comments section, I’ll love to hear from you! 

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself. 

– Diane Von Furstenberg

29 thoughts on “Leaving my comfort zone…

  1. Oryn

    When you make up your mind, with as clear a head and heart as possible, about what’s for you and what’s not for you, and step out of your comfort zone, life begins.
    Moving away from home is pretty uncomfortable. But against the backdrop of that, you discover strengths you never knew you had; you’re exposed to new ideas, communities and experiences; you become adaptable; your independence matures. Etc.
    And you discover gems in the most unlikely of places.. .

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  2. Nchotie K.

    “Leaving the nest.” We have different perceptions on its meaning and this drives conflicting emotions in different people. For what it’s worth i have gotten to discover and acquaint with the best and worst sides of myself . Diane V.F couldn’t have said it better.
    Make the most of your time in the North and never forget why you are there.

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  3. Very interesting read @Molonga
    This experience is typical for a postgraduate medic in 237. It is a brave but necessary move in my opinion. New experiences such as these are almost always very rewarding. It gives a new perspective and increases the self confidence of the young medic in bracing the challenges of a young growing career. Being away from home (comfort zone) is the best ways of self discovery.
    Enjoy the experience!
    Best wishes!

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  4. Sandie

    Ehyaaaa sister may God keep on blessing you dear.
    Moving away from home makes you discover a side of u which you never thought u had and exposes you to alot of experiences hence decision making comes in and u start wandering if u can do it….. yes u can and for u, u are a fighter and a strong lady and u can get through it all.
    I wish u success and God s endless love over your life sis😘 stay well.

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  5. NEH

    We always have to take hard descisions to make it in life.By doing so you are getting more responsible and reliable.I am happy you took the bold step out of your comfort zone. Keep your expectations high and you would see your reward.BTW God better protects you over there ooo..

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  6. Sarah

    Great piece Doc!!
    If you don’t dare in life, you gonna miss out on a lot, So great step you took there…Cheers!
    Moving away from home will give you a chance to discover yourself and make use of all that has been nurtured in you. It will test you big time but at thesame time will help you find ‘purpose’.

    Discover, Explore, Serve and Represent who and what you stand for! YOLO

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  7. Louisa Viban

    Congratulations on your new job and for taking this brave move. There is always that time in one’s life when you have to behave like someone training to ride a bicycle. The instructor will always say “stay focused, looking forward only. Eliminate fear”. I think you are learning to ride your own bicycle. Stay focus, look forward at what the future holds for you and eliminate fear. For fear is the worst enemy you have now.
    I must say I admire your courage. God’s blessings and guidance doc.

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  8. Bimela Herman

    Cheri coco!!!… I applaud ya courage, and if you ask me I wud say living home is an inevitable part of proper growth… So no fear, you are 💪!!! As you knw, ya fellow LOC members (Me, Vanes, Njang) we all hav discovery and traveling in common so I wud not miss on an opportunity to visit the Far North.. That said start preparing visiting arrangements soonest (sep na in 1yr 😂, it must happen)…
    Beautiful write-up 😅

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  9. Edgar Mandeng

    Waaoooh. Etombs… U have a captivating writing style…moreover…me and u we almost dey for same condition so i di recognislze maself 95% (that Boko Haram though…) lol. Kudos

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  10. NCHE Fils

    Hi Dr Christie, when I first met u in cameroon leadership academy CLA 2017 as a group mate ,I met a brave & multi talented girl. When u told me u were now in extreme north, i was one of those who was sceptical about that move but to encourage u I said “courage & take care”. U are a Lion! Everything is in u! Keep impacting, keep exploring & keep moving! God bless ur new adventure. “Il faut oser”.-T.Nyamen-
    Distance isn’t a barrier so I will still be calling for health advices .. dats my luck!

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  11. Aima

    Okay,my Lil baby gurl, I’m guessing uve had enough epistle on how bold, courageous, and daring your move is, I can also see uve gotten tiny bits and pieces of advice. I won’t dwell on any of dat. My own n’a sey, wen u wan cam back, bring we wa fulani man with plenty cows, we wee be waiting 😘. Go gurl! Break a leg.

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  12. Oben

    Great write up Etombi👌🏾
    One of the most important lessons I have learnt moving away from home is never to expect everything to go as planned. Once I rid myself of expectations of how I wanted things to go, I opened myself to a whole new set of experiences and later found beauty in twisted moments. I am sure u will find beauty there as well so more grease

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